Leveraging Brain Research to Improve Collaboration and Change at Work

  • 07 Dec 2010
  • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • University of St. Thomas, 1000 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis Opus Hall (MOH) 201


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Presenter: Kyle MacKenzie Nowell


Program Overview

In his latest book, Your Brain at Work, David Rock cites that “the brain is a social animal....and…this means that social issues matter to the brain - a lot. Studies are showing that the brain interacts with social needs using the same networks as it uses for basic survival.”  You might be asking...did that say survival? Yes, it did say survival.  So, our social interactions – collaboration,   influence and facilitating change among them – are a matter of survival to our brain.  What does this have to do with my success as an OD leader?  Everything.  Come explore what neuroscience is teaching us about the social nature of our brains...and how it is changing everything we've understood about how to communicate with, collaborate with and influence other people, not to mention facilitating positive change!

Change is a constant for today’s organizations. Those that develop a greater capacity to adapt and change will find themselves with a strategic advantage.  David Rock is addressing the neuroscience of organizational change in several OD addresses this fall – sharing how neuroscience is uncovering how change happens in the brain, the conditions that make change more likely, and how change can be brought about more easily. 

Join Kyle MacKenzie Nowell, a Workplace Coaching Associate with David Rock, as she shares some of the important implications and practical applications of NeuroLeadership in the workplace, in these turbulent times.

In this engaging and thought provoking session, you will:

  • Discover how to help yourself and those around you understand how the current business and economic climate may be triggering instinctive and counterproductive reactions
  • Learn how these instinctive reactions can dramatically reduce personal and work effectiveness
  • Use what we have discovered from neuroscience to counteract the impact of change and uncertainty on engagement and productivity
  • Learn how organizational change is tied to neural-change, how the brain changes and the conditions for change in the brain
  • Increase your own effectiveness at work by applying some of the latest findings from neuroscience in everyday workplace scenarios
  • Take away the innovative and practical SCARF model that can be used to enhance collaboration and facilitate positive change during these turbulent times

Kyle MacKenzie Nowell is a coach, consultant and business owner.  As principal of KMA Associates, a 23-year business consulting firm, Kyle works with executive leaders, business owners and organizations to improve both business and personal leadership performance.

As a coach and consultant, Kyle partners with business owners and executives to deliver high quality projects designed to enhance individual performance, their team’s contribution, and their company’s culture.  Kyle has conducted numerous training sessions in support of business process improvement and strategic planning. 

As an executive, business owner and leadership coach, Kyle has been partnering with coaching clients for over 12 years.  Her coaching practice is focused on utilizing the brain-based transforming conversation models of Results Coaching Systems (RCS).  Kyle is both a trainer (public and workplace coaching programs) and a Workplace Coach Associate with RCS - focused on corporate business development in the Midwest.

Kyle lives in Minnesota where she enjoys time with her husband, four children and spouses --- and three grandchildren.

Minnesota where she enjoys time with her husband, four

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